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Rome Metro B1: inaugurated the station Jonio


On April 21, it has opened a new metro station B1 of Rome: Jonio, which becomes the new terminal. In this way, the third line of the Rome underground stretch of a mile and adds to the already existing stops Annibaliano, Libia and Conca d’oro. Work on the introduction of a third subway line in Rome began in 2009 and ... Read More »

Happy Birthday Rome


The April 21, 2015 Rome completes 2768 years and celebrates with events throughout the city. On 21 April 753 B.C by Romulus founded the city of Rome according to astrological calculations of Varro, and from that day that you count the years of the Eternal City. Throughout history were many celebrations imperial era, have come to us coins minted for ... Read More »

From April to August new timetable for the subway in Rome

The subway line in Rome in the month of April to August 2015 will have different timetable, creating some discomfort definitely more for tourists and commuters who frequent the central areas s of the city. The metro line A in Anagnina- Battistini segment will operate from 5:30 a.m. to 21:30 p.m, not only during the week, but also during the weekend. The ... Read More »

The Pope open the Gardens of Castel Gandolfo


Pope Francis from March of last year announced the opportunity for tourists and pilgrims to enter the pontifical villas of Castel Gandolfo to visit the Garden Barberini and make known all its natural and architectural beauty. In the fantastic view it offers the Lake of Castel Gandolfo you can see how art and nature can coexist. The Garden of the ... Read More »

Frappe and Castagnole the protagonist of Roman Carnival


Masks, parades, jokes and fantasy are the main elements of the Carnival. The feast of the Christian tradition is one of the highlights of the year, especially by children, because it represents a moment of joy and lightheartedness. This year’s Carnival on February 15. On this day the streets are colored by confetti, floats, traditional and modern masks handed down ... Read More »

“Shooting in Cinecittà”: an exhibition on Italian cinema in Rome


On January 24, the permanent exhibition “Shooting in Cinecittà”  was inaugurated at Cinecittà it tells the history of Italian cinema and photographs the most important productions of the Studios. The Studios are a set of theaters with more than 3000 movie sets, which served as the backdrop for many Italian and international films, also Oscar nominees and representing an important ... Read More »

Marathon in Rome

Rome Marathon

Rome is not only the city symbol of ancient history , but it can also be visited for other reasons, such as for example sports , and in particular for the classic Marathon in Rome. It is scheduled for Sunday, March 22 departure for Rome Marathon 2015, when all participants will depart from Via dei Fori Imperiali at 08:50 to ... Read More »

What to eat in Rome: the five best dishes

Italian Food

Rome as well as being a city rich in history and Roman traditions also offers delicious food that is part of the Italian tradition. There are so many good things to eat, but some you can not just give up if you find yourself spending the holidays in this city. While visiting visiting it is important to choose the restaurants ... Read More »

New Year’s Day in Rome

New year day Rome

There are only a few days at left till the end of the year and Rome is preparing to greet the 2014 year with events, concerts, fireworks over the many places offering every type of event according to their own desires. Rome during the New Year’s Eve is a triumph of concerts, shows and carnivals. Various initiatives will cheer Year’s ... Read More »

The 5 best rome city guides

Rome guide

When traveling, there is always the difficulty of navigating through the streets of a city on your own, with lifestyles and habits. For this they were born of  the guides of the most important cities in the world able to collect all the necessary information for travelers. Places to stay, places to visit, means of transport and public transport to ... Read More »