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Frappe and Castagnole the protagonist of Roman Carnival

Frappe and Castagnole the protagonist of Roman Carnival

Masks, parades, jokes and fantasy are the main elements of the Carnival. The feast of the Christian tradition is one of the highlights of the year, especially by children, because it represents a moment of joy and lightheartedness.

This year’s Carnival on February 15. On this day the streets are colored by confetti, floats, traditional and modern masks handed down over the years, since the days of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

The origin of the carnival goes back to the “Roman Saturnalia“, the typical festivities they were upside down every social order and, for the game, everything was permissible and lived lightly.

In Rome Papalina the celebrations for the Carnival starting already in mid-December when the daily activities were suspended and replaced by masquerades and transgressions of various kinds and in these various situations that food has played, as always a fundamental role. The protagonists were and remain the sweets.

Time of the year, the typical cakes of roman carnival were the “frictilia”, today became frappe and castagnole.

The Frappe is a thin pastry fried in lard and sprinkled with honey or powdered sugar to make it sweet and tasty, Roman origin this cake has become the culinary symbol of the Carnival, which takes on a different name depending on the Italian region.

The Castagnole are balls of dough fried and covered with sugar, which over time have been changed by inserting the variants in the filling. Cream, cottage cheese or chocolate characterized this very simple dessert made with eggs, butter and flour, but very tasty.

A traditional way to savor the ancient traditions of the Roman Carnival of parades, floats and events that will brighten this time of year in Rome.

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