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Happy Birthday Rome

Happy Birthday Rome

The April 21, 2015 Rome completes 2768 years and celebrates with events throughout the city. On 21 April 753 B.C by Romulus founded the city of Rome according to astrological calculations of Varro, and from that day that you count the years of the Eternal City.

Throughout history were many celebrations imperial era, have come to us coins minted for the occasion to celebrate a century of Rome, with the fall of the Roman Empire were lost many traditions and it was not until the Renaissance to return to celebrate the birth of Rome.

Ancient stories that tell of long parades in which all the inhabitants of Rome, by Patrizi, the Slaves, to the priests, while players and gymnasts showed their arts, the closure of the parade was entrusted to the common people dragging carts full of gifts, while the scent of incense and the flight of doves cheered the long walk.

Circus Maximus, the Colosseum and Via dei Fori Imperiali, are the places chosen for the festivities featuring historical reenactments, educational tours and shows all free. On April 19, will start from the Circus Maximus, the procession that welcomes historical re-enactors from all over the world with special ceremonies like lighting the fire, the battles between legions and traditional gladiators.

The wait more is planned for the fall of light that will light up, permanently, the Imperial Forum and particularly the Forum of Nerva, Augustus and Trajan entrusted to Vittorio Storaro author of photography of Apocalypse Now, an ambitious project that will hopefully birthday Roman.

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