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How to get to Rome

How to get to Rome

“All roads lead to Rome” was an old saying, you just have to choose the most convenient. Rome is one of the most connected view of Italy whereas it is the center of the political life of the whole country and also the most important city for tourism.

A dense network of air and road, allows to reach easily from all parts of Italy, you just have to choose their preferred mode of transportation.

By choosing to arrive in Rome by plane will arrive in two countries at the city gates, which are the main airport Fiumicino or Ciampino, both connected with buses and shuttles private and public.

The railway stations of reference for those arriving by train are: the Termini Station which is located in the center or Tiburtina Station which is located in a more peripheral area of the city, recently renovated beautiful connected at all points of the city thanks to the line b metro and many bus lines.

Tiburtina is also the terminal for buses departing to connect the city of Rome is not only the most important Italian cities, but also to the European ones.

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