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Marathon in Rome

Marathon in Rome

Rome is not only the city symbol of ancient history , but it can also be visited for other reasons, such as for example sports , and in particular for the classic Marathon in Rome.

It is scheduled for Sunday, March 22 departure for Rome Marathon 2015, when all participants will depart from Via dei Fori Imperiali at 08:50 to take on one of the most picturesque marathons. Impossible to run through the streets of Rome where the sport has always been the protagonist for its ancient inhabitants.

The Rome Marathon is 42,195 km long and is chosen by many runners from all over the World and has become one of the biggest sporting events in Italy.

The route of the Marathon includes the departure from Via dei Fori Imperiali to Piazza Venezia and then back to via Cavour. The marathon goes through the historical centre and touches the outer zones with its undisputed charm.

The Marathon is in its twenty-first edition and was born in Rome in the early twentieth century and has always been chosen by athletes from around the world to train in a fascinating journey that this wonderful city offers.

Shume Hailu was the winner of the last edition of the Marathon of 2014, while Ayelu Lemma won the women’s category. For non-professionals there is the opportunity to run the “Stracittadina” a marathon with an alternative route for those who like to run between the cobblestones of Rome.

The medal for the Rome 2015 marathon is a work createdby by a Philippine artist, living in Rome: Ralf Joshua Trillana, there will be 18 medals handed over to the winners at the end of the path.

The medals design is the water and the wind: two natural elements that always accompany each Marathon, together with its essence, that is the figure of the athlete and a tribute to the city.

The Colosseum is the background on the medal, the most significant monument of the city and other landscape elements. The most important part is represented by the force of the engine life.

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