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Rome boats

Rome boats

Surely the boat is not an alternative means to move in a city like Rome, but offers a different way to discover the city by its most important river: the river Tiber.

For some years there is an active service that allows you to explore the city by browsing and choosing between different types of cruises during the day and at night. You will discover the charm of the Eternal City surrounded by a natural environment, thanks to the various types of cruises on the Tiber proposed by three different companies.

1) Battello Navar: offers cruises to discover the flora and fauna along the river Tiber without leaving traces of history found along the way. The service is available only for groups by reservation only, at a cost Cost: € 35.00  excluding ticket for access to the archaeological excavations. The tour starts with a boat ride from Ponte Marconi or from Fiumicino, is included in the ticket price bus transport GT, a guided tour of the excavations of Ostia Antica, lunch on board and disco.

2) Rome Boat Experience: provides two types of sailing boat, “Classic Tour” e “Dinner boat” with a fare ranging from 18 to 40 Euros depending on the type of cruise. The service is offered from early April until October 31 and can be booked from Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 18:30. Departures are from the docks of the Tiber Island and Castel Sant’Angelo and the duration of the tour is about an hour and tickets are valid for 24 hours.

3) Roma in Battello: provides a variety of navigation, the normal lines “line 1” and “line 2 with” a ticket costs 1 euro hourly making stops in Ponte Duca d’Aosta, Risorgimento Bridge, Ponte Cavour, Ponte Sant’Angelo, the Ponte Sisto , Calata Anguillara. Access to the inflatables for people with disabilities is only possible in Ponte d’Aosta and Descent Anguillara.They are allowed a maximum of 3 dogs on board with a muzzle, it is possible to take up to 5 bikes boat. The company offers cruises for tourists with special tours throughout the year:

“Boat trip with guide”: at the price of € 10.00. The tour lasts one hour and ten minutes and the guide on board tells the story of the places touched by boat. The cruise departs and returns to the bridge Sant ‘Angelo at 10:30, 11:00, 12:00, 15:30, 16:00, 17:00.

“Boat trip premier”: at the price of Euro 30.00 will offer a two-hour tour of the Tiber with a typical Roman appetizer with salami, cheese, a glass of wine and dessert. Party on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 21:00 from Ponte Sant’Angelo.

“Boat trip with dinner premier on Board”: the two-hour tour costs € 52.00 includes a typical Roman dinner, and drinks are not included in the price. Departures are on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 21:00 from Ponte Sant’Angelo.

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