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Rome buses and trams

Rome buses and trams

Rome is a very large city, on foot can only be visited in the historic center, while the other parts of the city are easily accessible by tram and bus network that allow you to reach the most important attractions.

Choose the tram rather than a bus depends on the areas to be achieved, but must be considered that the tram travels on a tramway slow, but traffic-free unlike the bus, the latter covering all areas of the city even more devices. And is possible to browse the site to search for ATAC bus or tram suitable for your location, or you can also download the application for smatphone RomaBus to have paths always at hand.

Trams and buses run throughout the day usually from 5 am until midnight, but the time may vary depending on the line, this information is visible on the yellow tables that indicate the bus stop where the trams are indicated times the first and last departure.

During the night trams are not active and bus lines are being replaced by night buses marked with an “N” in front of the line number and cover all the night.

Tickets for the Tram and bus are the same used for the underground and are:


  • The BIT have a duration of 90 minutes and have a cost of € 1.50 and are valid for all public transport and you can make a single subway ride.
  • The BIG that at a cost of € 6,00 let you use for a day inside all public transport in unlimited numbers.
  • The BTI make it possible to use public transport without restriction for 3 days at a cost of € 16.50.
  • The CIS cost, however, € 24.00 and are valid for 7 days from the stamping with an unlimited number of trips.

You can buy all of these types of tickets in tobacconists (recognizable because they have a T in the sign), on newsstands and in stores within the metro stations and the railway line.

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