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Rome rent a bike

Rome rent a bike

As Rome is a very busy city and disinclined to bicycles, because of its size and its traffic today is trying to make room for this means of transport on two wheels. Today there are 79 km of new pedestrian and cycle paths that include both tracks on the road and paths in the countryside.

On the ATAC website you can see all the bike paths that the capital offers, and you can calculate your tourist route associating traits bike path by public transport, thus trying to optimize the time moving as quickly as possible, maybe associating the subway and replacing buses with bike.

If you do not have a bike you can use the service of Bike Sharing an automated public bicycle that the City of Rome offers citizens to move quickly in the historic center.

The first half hour of use of the service is free and at the end of the first half hour the system will automatically scale the card the cost of actual use of the service as follows: 1 € the second half hour; € 2 and € 4 the third half hour every half hour after the third.

To enroll you should contact the Pit (Tourist Information Points) enabled., You register through a form a deposit of 30 € (which will be returned if you decide to give up the service) and you receive an electronic card, rechargeable discretion and a padlock.

In order to enroll you must present a valid ID, social security number, the IBAN (which is for the credit of the deposit of € 30 directly to the bank account in the event of termination of the contract).

The PIT enabled, operating daily from 09.30 to 19.00, are as follows:

  1. Stazione Termini, Via Giolitti 34, Interno Edificio F / Binario 24
  2. Via Marco Minghetti, angolo Via del Corso
  3. Piazza delle Cinque Lune
  4. Castel S. Angelo, Lungotevere Vaticano presso Piazza Pia
  5. Via Nazionale, altezza Palazzo Esposizioni
  6. Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore, angolo via dell’Olmata
  7. Piazza Sydney Sonnino

The Bike Sharing service is available every day from 7:00 to 23:00 and I can empowered to accept subscriptions to the service until one hour before closing, and until 18:00 for all except the PIT PIT Terms until 19:00 hours.

For information please contact the number 060608 – Contact Center Tourism-Culture-Entertainment City of Rome or the toll-free number 800.910658 and consult all the necessary information on

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