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“Shooting in Cinecittà”: an exhibition on Italian cinema in Rome

“Shooting in Cinecittà”: an exhibition on Italian cinema in Rome

On January 24, the permanent exhibition “Shooting in Cinecittà”  was inaugurated at Cinecittà it tells the history of Italian cinema and photographs the most important productions of the Studios.

The Studios are a set of theaters with more than 3000 movie sets, which served as the backdrop for many Italian and international films, also Oscar nominees and representing an important part of the history of Italian cinema.

Cinecittà was born during Fascism and immediately became the scene of feature films, the fascist propaganda. Only after the war the film industry began to develop slowly and only in the Sixties became the symbol of the city of Rome and a point of reference for all national and international cinema. For this reason Cinecittà created the exhibition “Shooting in Cinecittà” to tell a piece of history of Italy and Rome .

The photographs selected for the exhibition highlight the most famous actors and successful films . It is possible to view montages and see the most beautiful clothes worn in the most important films.

The films chosen are those of the Italian Neorealism 1937 to 1989 , and there are many tributes to actors both national and international. Sophia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida are actresses who have gained an important space in the exhibition, while the tribute to international cinema is for Audrey Hepburn; Jayne Mansfield, Ava Gardner.

The exhibition covers various film: the western and the Italian comedy, while some scenes made ​​for the exhibition tell the films of the seventies and eighties. The final part of the exhibition is dedicated to Sergio Leone and his most important film ” Once Upon a Time in America “, in which they are the best films of the artist .

This exhibition is an opportunity to remember the importance of cinema for Italy and especially for the city of Rome, as it shows costumes and sets changing over the years and improvement  of this true art .

“Shooting in Cinecittà” is a tribute to those who want to know for the first time an aspect of the city of Rome perhaps hidden and is an opportunity to understand in more detail how these old films remain in the memory of many.

To visit the exhibition , you can go to: Cinecittà Studios in Via Tuscolana, 1055 every Monday – Wednesday-Thursday- Friday-Saturday from 9:30 to 19:00. Tickets are priced from € 10, € 25 family ticket ( 2 adults and 2 children ), while guided tours of the studios have a cost of 20 euro ( 45 euro family ticket). You can look in the official website.

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