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The 5 best rome city guides

The 5 best rome city guides

When traveling, there is always the difficulty of navigating through the streets of a city on your own, with lifestyles and habits. For this they were born of  the guides of the most important cities in the world able to collect all the necessary information for travelers.

Places to stay, places to visit, means of transport and public transport to be used to go from one neighborhood to another, these are the details that affect you when you go about discovering a foreign city. The best way to get this information is to rely on the City guides that organize your trip in no time.

These are the five most popular guides of Rome for visiting a city as complicated as the capital of Italy.

Michelin: Maps, city maps, traffic information and weather permitted! Restaurants are at the service of users who choose to rely on this international guide for calculating your route.


Lonely Planet: one of the most famous guides roma paper that lands on line. Articles on sights to see, forum and community of travelers stay connected to exchange opinions and information about the city of Rome and beyond.


Rome Guide: The most complete guide on Rome. Hotels, religious houses, bed and breakfasts, the Vatican Museums, tours, tours of the big city, tickets for concerts and all that the city offer little in all periods of the year.

ABC Roma: Monuments, museums, hotels and restaurants selected and put together to provide a single website all the information necessary to explore the sights of Rome

Arrival Guide: a website where you can download the guide of the city of Rome in Pdf to bring it with you. It offers the chance to see through its web TV a look over the city and news.

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