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The Pope open the Gardens of Castel Gandolfo

The Pope open the Gardens of Castel Gandolfo

Pope Francis from March of last year announced the opportunity for tourists and pilgrims to enter the pontifical villas of Castel Gandolfo to visit the Garden Barberini and make known all its natural and architectural beauty.

In the fantastic view it offers the Lake of Castel Gandolfo you can see how art and nature can coexist. The Garden of the Magnolia, the Avenue of Roses, the Avenue of the herbs and the Garden of the Belvedere are the stages of this beautiful tour full of special and suggestion.

Is possible to visit the garden from Monday to Saturday with compulsory reservation online, the price of the tour is € 26.00, on the site you can see the promotions on group and individual tours.

Before visiting the Gardens is necessary to know that the area is not easily accessible to persons with disabilities and wheelchair users, and does not have a parking. It should be remembered that it is not possible to bring animals and there is a ban on smoking in the visit, you can not bring food or drinks only in plastic bottles.

It’s should dress in a decent, are prohibited short skirts, sleeveless shirts and shorts are allowed only small backpacks and no service is available wardrobe. The guided tour is confirmed even in adverse weather conditions, and are likely to change in the event of unforeseen activities of the Holy See, this should be updated, before leaving on the activities taking place at the Vatican.

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