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What to eat in Rome: the five best dishes

What to eat in Rome: the five best dishes

Rome as well as being a city rich in history and Roman traditions also offers delicious food that is part of the Italian tradition. There are so many good things to eat, but some you can not just give up if you find yourself spending the holidays in this city.

While visiting visiting it is important to choose the restaurants that offer good food at a good price, preferably away from the historical center, that has simple ingredients from rural traditions from the influences brought by other peoples .

The five traditional dishes to be enjoyed in Rome are :

  • Bucatini all’amatriciana: a dish from the province of Rieti and is found in all restaurants. The bucatini are a type of long pasta a a little thicker than traditional spaghettii and topped with bacon and fried blended with white wine , tomatoes and red pepper on the inished with a sprinkling of cheese. Often the cheel lard is replaced with the bacon , this is a variant of the traditional recipe and for some it is impossible to replace.
  • Carciofi alla giudia: is usually a side dish to accompany a main course and it is the particular Roman cuisine , because it is only in this city that you cook the artichokes in this way. The origin of this dish was born in the Jewish ghetto of the city and was a dish prepared during the feast of Yom Kippur to atone for their sins , and from this it derives its name . The artichokes are fried in olive oil and crisp is cooked whole , this is its peculiarity
  • Abbacchio al forno: Roast lamb, lamb is eaten , usually , during Easter, but even so you can find it in all periods of the year because it is part of the tradition of Lazio. The lamb is characterized by the young lamb meat cooked with garlic and rosemary and wet white wine . It’s possible to find it in various versions : lamb cacciatore , with which you cook. To taste this dish you can search for a restaurant in the Testaccio one of the oldest in Rome.
  • Saltimbocca alla Romana: is another main course throughout the Roman Empire. It is a thin meat Veal marinade with white wine , the undisputed star of Roman dishes , seasoned with sage and prosciutto, cooked in a pan with butter .
  • Sorchetta: It is a typical dessert eaten to finish off a night in Rome that uses eat especially after the nights of the beautiful Roman life. The sorchetta is kind of croissant and inside you can stuff it with a lot of taste, the most popular and also the more traditional ones are cream and chocolate, but the variations are so many just choose the one with your favourite filling .

These are just some of the traditional Roman cuisines that is offered to tourists when enjoying this beautiful Italian city-its capital Rome


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